2017 Snapdragon not call processor but "platform" and SD 200-tier become Qualcome Mobile

2017 Snapdragon not call processor but "platform" and SD 200-tier become Qualcome Mobile

Qualcomm has announced that the expression "processor" is no longer a satisfactory depiction of its Snapdragon SoC. Or maybe, the portable chipmaker needs us to allude to it as a "platform."

In reporting the wording refresh, Qualcomm said Snapdragon is more than only a solitary part, a bit of silicon or what many decipher as the CPU. The chipmaker rather considers it to be a "compilation of innovation" contained equipment, programming and administrations – a CPU, a GPU, a coordinated modem, a DAC and unique mark innovation, for instance – that basically can't be communicated in a world like "processor."

"Pushing ahead, just premium versatile stages will hold the Snapdragon mark, while processors in the 200 level will fall under the new Qualcomm Mobile name," Qualcomm said in a blog entry.

The San Diego-based chipmaker is the first to concede that the change isn't seismic.

The rebranding exertion makes a specific measure of specialized sense, seeing that most "processors" today as of now contain memory controllers, and modems, and chipsets, and things that reach out a long ways past the CPU and GPU. The rebranding may make Qualcomm's suite of innovation less demanding to pitch to the OEMs who really purchase the equipment and programming from Qualcomm, yet it additionally doesn't generally change the sorts of elements Qualcomm would as of now be putting forth close by Snapdragon chips.

It's superbly sensible for Qualcomm to need its top of the line parts to emerge from spending plan disapproved of offerings in spite of the fact that I can't resist the urge to think about whether they could have thought of an option that is superior to the abused "stage" popular expression.

Qualcomm's next lead discharge, the SD 835, is relied upon to appear in Samsung's Galaxy S8 in the coming weeks.


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