Rumor: iPhone 7 Leak Confirms Main Features Removed

Apple AAPL lately has made one thing clear: iPhone "In addition to" models. They have better cameras, far prevalent battery life and better screens. What's more, now with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that crevice looks set to get much greater…

Grabbed by the ever solid 9to5Mac, are renders of cases for the iPhone 7 Plus and they affirm it will in fact get two noteworthy elements the iPhone 7 will pass up a great opportunity for:

1. Smart Connectivity

Early iPhone 7 spills brought about much disarray with Apple's Smart Connector over and over appearing then being precluded by different all around educated sources. Presently we know why: it will be an iPhone 7 Plus just component (as seen by the three "dabs" on the back of the case).

In some ways this bodes well. The Smart Connector permits the Lightning port to both send and get force and information at the same time. This takes into account things like versatile consoles to be fueled by an Apple gadget (as seen with the iPad Pro range) and that presumably bodes well with the bigger screen and greater battery of the Plus.

2. Double Camera

Yes the iPhone 7 Plus is getting a much greater camera update than the iPhone 7 this year. While the iPhone 7 will get a little redesign, the iPhone 7 Plus will move to the abundantly vaunted double camera innovation as of now seen from any semblance of LG and Huawei.

The iPhone 7 Plus is likewise anticipated that would get half per more RAM which knocks it up to 3GB, a greater support in battery execution and conceivably we may even see the entry of a third 5.5-inch model – the iPhone 7 Pro. I've long said the main advantage the 4.7-inch iPhone holds over its 5.5-inch rendition is its convenientce. What's more, that looks set to be considerably all the more valid for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

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