Microsoft Lumia 950 Buy (XL) and get Display Dock & Office 365 free

Microsoft Lumia 950 Buy (XL) and get Display Dock & Office 365 free
Who currently interested in buying a new Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL, which may benefit from a new Microsoft-action in which you display the Dock for Continuum and Office 365 gets free. The free allowances have a value of 178 euros and the price for the Lumia 950 smartphones are also already fallen neatly. This could be worthwhile.

Microsoft launches new Lumia 950 campaign

The action on the free display Dock when you purchase the Lumia 950 XL shortly after launch are likely sure some of our readers know yet. At that time, the action really only applied to the large model or in an insider-Bundle by Telekom also with the dual SIM version of the Lumia 950. According to the modest sales of recent weeks and months, Microsoft has the action now reissued and donated each purchaser of the Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL display Dock worth of 109 €. This allows the Windows-10-Mobile smartphone without problems in connection with a monitor, a mouse and keyboard transform into a PC. The surface adapts and you get a normal desktop for use. In addition, other devices can be connected and used via USB ports yet.

Office 365 staff also free

In addition to the display dock there continue Office 365 personnel for one year for free. This action basically runs for some time, is in conjunction with the display Dock but also important so that you can use Office with a larger screen.
Offers Offers Lumia-app

The promotion runs until 30 June and is accessible via the Lumia Offers App. So one has to buy 950 XL, start the pre-installed application and then can secure the deals just a Lumia 950 or Lumia.

The prices for the Lumia 950 smartphones are now already become quite attractive. Since a purchase could be done by free allowances worth but already

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