Microsoft launched Outlook watch for Android Wear

Microsoft launched Outlook watch for Android Wear

Microsoft is known not create applications for the Android stage. It has recently declared a fresh out of the plastic new Outlook watch face for the Android Wear stage. Rather than discharging simply one more application for email and date-book, Microsoft has made the Outlook application into a watch face which gives you the most recent reports on your calendars, arrangements, your sends and a great deal more initially.

Microsoft launched Outlook watch for Android Wear - Viewpoint for Android Wear will demonstrate to you what is coming up in the following 12 hours which is overlaid on top of your watch face. The hues on the dial will coordinate the shades of your timetables added to Outlook.

"Subtle elements of your next occasion are up front, demonstrating to you the amount of time is left until your next meeting and where you must be. You likewise have data on what number of new messages you have gotten since you last took a gander at your telephone," says the Microsoft blog.

You can even customize the watch face by including your favored foundation shading and highlight hues. Viewpoint likewise gives you a chance to connect with warnings and take activities on the wrist itself. You can chronicle, timetable, signal and erase messages simply like the Outlook application. You additionally can RSVP on the off chance that you get sends welcoming you to some occasion.

You can likewise browse various watch face foundation hues and emphasize hues with a specific end goal to customize your Android Wear smartwatch.

Microsoft is additionally tolerating recommendations to enhance the Outlook application. On the off chance that you have a few thoughts, you have to go to Settings > Help and Feedback > Suggest a Feature.

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