Build 10586.420 do Windows 10 Mobile, vídeo hands-on

Recently we saw that Microsoft is already conducting tests to build 10586.420 10 Windows Mobile, and this may be the long-awaited "update June" listed to arrive during the next week to platform users. Now, a hands-on video was published by known potok6 channel on YouTube, allowing us to have a general idea of ​​how the system is performing relative to the boot time and screen transitions general.

In order to have a means of comparing this new build with previous versions a Lumia 920 was again used as a demonstration device, thus enabling us to see if there was an improvement or not on your boot time. As can be seen, the unit was ready for use in about 35 seconds, which is still in the middle of what was marked on previous occasions, indicating that there is much room for improvement in this regard.

In terms of screen transition and platform overall fluidity apparently already have a very advanced level, which was to be expected considering that the Windows 10 Mobile is already publicly available since November 2015 and still receives updates almost fortnightly with corrections bugs. Because it is more a cumulative update generation Threshold 2, however, do not expect the arrival of visual or new features change, just being the means found by Microsoft to keep its users 'busy' as it prepares the public release of Redstone 1 update .

Remember that these updates compilation 10586 can be installed even in "abandoned" devices such as Lumias generations X30 and X20, thus giving a lifeline to them and allowing your users to buy some time until they need to actually purchase a newer model . As we do not have specific firmware for these models, however, the performance may end up being sacrificed, and are found some instabilities at specific points that need updated drivers to work properly.

Although there is no comment from Microsoft regarding the release of build 10586.420 10 Windows Mobile, and we expect the company to rule to see which patches that will be inserted.

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