Apple iTunes 12.4.1 Released Bug Fixs

Apple iTunes 12.4.1 Released Bug Fixs - A few weeks in the wake of discharging iTunes 12.4, Apple has revealed a minor .1 overhaul tending to "various issues" relating to VoiceOver. The upgrade likewise reintroduces the choice to reset the play number and fixes a few different issues.

iTunes 12.4 carried with it some major UI changes to make exploring around iTunes less confounding. The redesign should run live with the OS X 10.11.4 discharge, however was deferred by Apple for reasons unknown.

The official change log from Apple is underneath:

This redesign addresses various issues where iTunes doesn't fill in not surprisingly with VoiceOver. It likewise reestablishes the choice to Reset Plays and settles the accompanying issues:

- Up Next may have suddenly played tunes included in the inaccurate request.

- iTunes was kept from crossfading between melodies.

You can download iTunes 12.4.1 from the Mac App Store.

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