HoloFlex: A Flexible Smartphone with a Holographic Display

The world’s first holographic versatile smartphone has arrived. Researchers at the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University have created associate degree mechanical man device that will not solely show objects three-dimensionally while not the utilization of glasses or head chase, but it conjointly takes advantage of flexible  screen technology to enable for depth input. The engaged, called the HoloFlex, is still clearly a prototype, but it’s a robust foreshadowing of the direction mobile school may absorb the long run.

HoloFlex offers an absolutely better approach for interfacing nearby your phone," said Dr. Roel Vertegaal, the official of the Human Media Laboratory. “It allows for glasses-free interactions with 3D video and pictures during a manner that doesn't constrain the user.” Content displayed on the phone appears 3 dimensional once viewed from any angle by any variety of viewers. The press release explains however this device works thusly:

Feature HoloFlex:

HoloFlex a 1920×1080 full top notch flexible Organic lightweight Emitting Diode (FOLED) touchscreen appear. Pictures territory unit rendered into 12-pixel wide round pieces rendering the full read of the 3D object from a chose perspective. These pixel blocks project through a 3D written versatile microlens array consisting of over sixteen,000 fisheye lenses. The resulting one hundred sixty x 104 resolution image permits users to examine a 3D object from any angle just by rotating the phone.

The video showcasing the device’s capabilities includes a demonstration of the Z-axis bend input feature getting used to maneuver around components of a 3D rendered model. Furthermore, a 3D version of Angry Birds shows how the bend capability will be accustomed pull back the sling, with haptic feedback simulating the tension within the slingshot’s strap. When the bird goes flying at the pig in a parabolic arc, the model appears to rise in the coordinate axis on top of the surface of the phone during a parabolic arc.

The HoloFlex will be formally undraped at ACM CHI 2016 this coming back Mon. Here’s hoping that someone snags some VR footage of this clever creation, because 2nd video doesn’t quite do it justice. What do you consider the HoloFlex? is that this the direction smartphones are attending to go, or are flexible  screens and 3D simply a passing novelty? Let US grasp your opinion within the comments below!