Update Android OTA Without Losing Root with FlashFire

Over-the-air (OTA) updates have long been the curse of the many nonmoving  golem users’ existences. It’s AN endless battle: putting in the update breaks root or won’t flash in any respect, however everybody desires the newest version of their mobile OS. due to a replacement tool known as FlashFire, the struggle is also over.

Android relies on UNIX, thus golem devices escort a “root” user that functions just like the Administrator user account on Windows. By default, golem doesn’t offer you access to the foundation account. development is that the method of sanctionative access to the foundation account, putting in the su binary. Applications will decision su to achieve elevated privileges, in order that they will break away from Android’s security sandbox and do a lot of powerful things. golem doesn’t come back pre-rooted as a result of the protection issues this might cause, particularly for fewer technically inclined users.

Once upon a time, SuperSU had Associate in Nursing “Survival Mode” that will allow you to flash updates, however that’s not around. Enter FlashFire.

What Is FlashFire?

FlashFire is powerful tool from Chainfire, the maker of SuperSU, that enables nonmoving  users to perform a range of actions, like flashing OTA updates and full nothing files, produce and restore backups, wipe data, and far a lot of. It effectively eliminates the necessity to use recovery to manually backup or restore, and mechanically handles un-rooting and re-rooting once flashing update files.

How to Use FlashFire to Flash Associate in Nursing OTA Update, while not Losing Root

When you get notified that there’s Associate in Nursing update offered for your device, the primary factor you’ll need to try to to is plow ahead and transfer it—but don’t install it. If you tell the update to travel ahead and install, it'll doubtless fail since you’re running a frozen device.

Instead, fan the flames of FlashFire once the OTA has finished downloading. (If you don’t have it nonetheless, be part of the beta program and so transfer the app.) It ought to mechanically sight the update file and raise if you wish to get the actions to flash it. plow ahead and faucet “OK.” 

Once you’ve finalized the set of directions, hit the “Flash” button. it'll provides a warning that it will take a trifle of your time for FlashFire to load, and one or two of black screens could seem. move and faucet “OK” once more.

After that, FlashFire can revive and you’ll see a myriad of scrolling text on the show. Leave the device alone to try to to its thing—that’s simply FlashFire running the required commands. once it’s finished, it’ll revive with the update flashed and root reconditioned.

So simple.