The Punisher is getting his own Netflix series

 The Punisher is getting his own Netflix series
The Punisher is getting his own Netflix series - Shortly once The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal was abroach because the Punisher in season a pair of of Marvel's Daredevil serie, rumor circulated that the character would get its own show. Well, some weeks once his debut, Netflix created  by product official. The Punisher is back, a tweet creating the announcement reads. "Locked and loaded."

Entertainment Weekly reports that Hannibal govt producer Steve Lightfoot can function showrunner and affirmative, Bernthal can come back as Frank Castle for the series. Marvel and Netflix have definitely gotten cozy over the last year roughly, with the debuts of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. 

the 2 even have Luke Cage and management shows inside the works, likewise as the miniseries The Defenders. additional standalone Punisher series brings the complete style of comes between the comic publisher and additionally the streaming service to six. Of course, details unit of measurement scarce for presently, so we'll likely be waiting somewhat on a premiere date.