iOS 9 adoption iOS 10 testing process

Although Apple typically updates iOS adoption statistics on every two weeks, the company has stopped updating IOS chart last month. As, iOS 9 growth appears to have stalled, maybe the numbers just does not change significantly. However, this week Apple has updated the chart with a significant jump, reportedly iOS 9 looks over 84% of active devices on April 18th. By setting the iOS 10 will be announced in June (and internal testing gradually - see below), it seems iOS 9 will end up reaching a peak around mark the adoption of 90% in line with the previous version.

Diagram changes spike iOS 9.3 to 5% with the addition of exciting features included in the iOS 9.3 update, such as Night Shift, Touch ID Notes and much more.

In addition, Apple launched some new hardware which helps to increase the rate of adoption, in the form of the iPhone and iPad Pro SE 9.7 inches. Since both products are only sold with iOS 9.3 installed, the release of new hardware to increase the overall adoption of the latest version of the operating system compared to older devices are still running iOS 8 or earlier.

Apple is expected to unveil the next major release of iOS, it is clear whether it will be dubbed iOS or iOS X 10, during WWDC announced earlier this week. 9to5Mac statistics show hits the road gradually from 10 iOS devices over the past two months, showed that the company expanded its testing ahead of the conference.

In terms of features, rumors about iOS 10 features are still pretty thin. There is potential for person-to-person payments Apple Pay debut, the ability to hide the stock apps, and App Store improvements can be found among other changes. Read our roundup of what to expect from Apple at WWDC software here.