Apple Music notches 13M paid subscribers

Apple last declared Apple Music figures in Feb, once iTunes chief Eddy Cue aforesaid the merchandise hit eleven million subscribers, up from ten million period of time previous. the expansion figure was one in all the high points in today's telephone call that declared Apple's 1st quarterly revenue decline since 2003.

With drooping hardware sales, particularly iPhone, Cook targeting Apple's services business, which has Apple Music, iTunes, the assorted App Stores, licensing, service elements, iCloud and Apple Pay. The sector's purchase worth hit a record $9.9 billion within the recent March quarter, variety up thirty seven p.c year-over-year, Cook said.

"We area unit terribly pleased with the continuing robust growth in revenue from Services, because of the unimaginable strength of the Apple system and our growing base of over one billion active devices," Cook aforesaid.

Backed by a vast put in user base in iPhone and iTunes, Apple Music has quickly become one in all the most important streaming music platforms within the world. the merchandise still lags behind additional mature competitors like Spotify, that is calculable to own concerning thirty million subscribers.
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